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  • This course kept my interest the whole time and I can actually use this information outside of real estate as well.
    Lisa M.
  • This was a fantastic course, very well done and helpful not just with working with millennials, but all generational groups.
    Ann B.
  • Excellent. Can’t wait to use the information. I’ve done some Ninja Selling classes and Absorption Rate is very important there. All the information in this class (Beyond the CMA) can be easily used to enhance everything I’ve done in the past and will make me more comfortable with the process and think it will also make the seller more comfortable.
    Debo C.
  • I love taking CE this way. I can fit it into my schedule much easier than sitting in class for 4 hours. Well done!
    Patricia P.
  • The best CE class (Beyond the CMA) I have had in 18 years in this business. This material gave me a ton of tools, then I was pleasantly surprised to also get a plan of action explaining how to utilize them! I know this will benefit my entire team and make us more effective. Finally CE for the “real” real estate world. Loved it!
    Adrienne C.
  • I was expecting to be bored as I had heard horror stories of On Line courses. I was astounded that I truly enjoyed the class. Julia is as interesting on video as she is in a live class.
    Ellen Z.

There Goes the Neighborhood:  What You Need to Know About Gentrification: (O/L) | Instructor Tom Mangum 

We hear the word gentrification on the news all the time and rightfully so as this is an important issue worldwide that impacts housing and therefore it affects you, the real estate agent. In our time together we are going to address the issue of gentrification, the cycles of a neighborhood, and the impact it has on home ownership, renters, neighborhoods, and cities. We will explore real estate agent best practices for representing a buyer and seller in a gentrifying area.  This course satisfies 4 hours of continuing education elective credit.  Cost: $67

Fundamentals of Commercial Real Estate: O/L | Instructor Cindy Chandler, CRE, CCIM

Welcome to the exciting world of commercial real estate. It all starts here! This course will explain the business of commercial real estate and introduce many of the resources needed to pursue a commercial transaction or a career in commercial real estate. Course objectives include: differentiate between commercial and residential transactions, illustrate the different types of commercial transactions, discuss skills needed to be successful as a commercial broker, identify the players in a commercial transaction and provide tips on beginning a commercial real estate career. This course satisfies 4 hours of continuing education elective credit. Cost: $67

Property Management in Today's World: O/L | Instructor Joe Rempson, CPM, CCIM

This course gives an overview of the most important aspects of running a residential Property Management company in NC, including: defining the characteristics of a good investment property, determining market rental rates, review of the NCAR property management agreement, maintenance best practices, tenant screening, service animals, banking requirements, the lease agreement, safety issues, security deposits, and more! Joe Rempson has been in the residential property management business for over 20 years; learn from a true subject matter expert with deep property management experience right here in the Carolinas! This course satisfies 4 hours of continuing education elective credit. Cost: $67

CMA Confidence in an Imperfect World: O/L | Instructor Jo Mangum

One of the most important skills of a real estate agent is confidently completing a comparative market analysis (CMA). Unfortunately, real estate school did not prepare us for this skill. In CMA Confidence in an Imperfect World, you go step-by-step how to complete a CMA so that you can defend it to the seller. This course satisfies 4 hours of continuing education elective credit. Cost: $67

Staying on the Right Path: O/L | Instructor Cindy Chandler

All brokers want to do things right, whether it is following the license law or abiding by the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics. This course has case studies in different areas dealing with different challenges. It does not matter if the broker is from a large or small market, in an urban or rural setting, or is residential or commercial or both – all brokers will relate to most if not all of the situations presented.  This course satisfies both your NCREC 4-hr. elective course requirement AND the NAR Code of Ethics training requirement. Cost: $67

REALTOR Code of Ethics | Instructor Cindy Chandler

Realtors® won’t want to miss this exciting, interactive 2.5 hour Ethics class that will count for their Quadrennial requirement. Participants will learn the fundamentals of how the process works. Everything is covered, from filing a complaint to how a hearing works, and ultimately why agents may or may not get paid. This is a fast paced learning experience with real case studies. This course certifies 2.5 hours of code of ethics training, which has been mandated by the National Association of REALTORS® for the period beginning January 1, 2017 and ending December 31, 2018.   It is NOT approved for NC Real Estate Commission elective credit.  If you want both NCREC elective credit and Code of Ethics credit, you must take one of our 4-hour ethics courses.  Cost: $35


Scruples and the Code of Ethics: O/L | Instructor Jo Mangum

The real estate profession is full of ethical dilemmas. Understanding how to navigate through these dilemmas is incredibly important to you and your clients. This course provides an overview of the NAR’s Code of Ethics as well as guidelines for solutions. The benefit to you is a sense of confidence in doing the right thing.  This course satisfies both your NCREC 4-hr. elective course requirement AND the NAR Code of Ethics training requirement. Cost: $67

The Millennials are Here: R U Ready?: O/L | Instructor Jo Mangum

The purpose of this course is to assist the real estate agent in understanding the Millennials. Attendees will learn what Millennials will want from their real estate experiences, learn what they will want from their real estate agents, learn how some of the new behaviors will impact the regulatory landscape, and prepare their business for this generation.This course satisfies 4 hours of NC continuing education elective credit.  Cost: $67

Beyond the CMA: Developing a Pricing Strategy: O/L | Instructor Jo Mangum

This class shows the learner how to review the trends, how to present the market information to the seller and how to overcome the objections of the seller. This class will give you invaluable knowledge regarding how houses should be priced to sell.  This course satisfies 4 hours of NC continuing education elective credit.  Cost: $67

Strategic Pricing Specialist: O/L | Instructor Jo Mangum

How would your business be impacted if you didn’t have any overpriced listings? Sellers that believe their houses are better are a drain to our wallets, our emotions, and to our business. Learning how to present a market study in an influential way is an incredibly important skill. Using information from what I learned in listening to 99 list presentations from the strongest agents, talking to listing gurus, and interviewing consumer psychologists I created this program. It teaches teaches the real estate professional how to build a market study and present that market study in an effective manner so that you can have the greatest chance of gaining an overpriced listing.  This course satisfies 4 hours of NC continuing education elective credit.  Cost: $97

Understanding The Mortgage Industry: O/L | Instructor Julia Iden

Develop an understanding of who the key players are in the mortgage industry and what happens during the life of a mortgage. Learn how to make the mortgage industry “systems” work for you.  This course satisfies 4 hours of NC continuing education elective credit.  Cost: $67.

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